As with any organization, members are expected to abide by certain rules and regulations. As a youth organization modeled along military lines, we have many such regulations. Space does not permit us to make available all the rules, but these pages highlight the ones that are most commonly asked about.


Cadets will benefit most from the unit training by attending regular and extra-curricular training. Here are the policies regarding attendance, along with the coming late and leaving early policies. To view the requirements regarding attendance, please View Page.

Code of Conduct

Each cadet signs the code of conduct form on joining the squadron. This form sets out a set of Rules, Standards, and Behaviors we expect every cadet to abide by. View Document


Conformance to haircut standards is not mandatory until completion of the recruit course unless you participate in Squadron activities. Here are the standards for both male and female cadets. View Page


No Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs. These are the rules– plain and simple.