Application/Selection Status

This page will provide regular status of Summer Training Courses Applications Received and Selections(Offers). We will be updated on a regular basis throughout the Summer Training Season. 

First Update : March 22 2018

CLICK HERE to download the Application Status File. This will include any cadets that need to review their application choices with Capt Chandler or Mr. Weigel.

Application Codes :

  1. Y = Has Applied
  2. N = Has NOT Applied
  3. D = Declined application, does not want to attend Camp
  4. Q = Not Qualified to Apply
  5. A = Ages Out of Cadets, can’t apply

Please talk with

  1. Capt Chandler or Mr. Biffin for Non-National Aplications(including Staff)
  2. Lt Di Loreto for National Applications
  3. or send an email to if you have any questions on your Summer Training Applications.

A reminder selections for all courses except (Music,Staff and National Courses) are based on a priority list created from the Achievement Points program and Officer/Civilian Instructor input. There is NO GUARANTEE a cadet will be selected for a Summer Training Course.