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The Chadburn Kit Shop has a wide variety of items for sale from Hoodies to customized garment bags. Click on the tabs on the left to see the categories of items available.

SPECIAL OFFER:  We are offering Face Masks with the Air Force roundel until our supply is exhausted. The price is $10 per mask which includes the cost of mailing. (NOTE – This mask has the ability to add a PM 2.5 Charcoal Activated filter for additional protection, which can be ordered from many suppliers.)

If you would like to purchase a face mask, please send an email to the squadron’s email with the following information. 
  1. Name (First and Last)
  2. Mailing Address including Postal Code
  3. Number of the Face Masks you would like 
Payment is via INTERAC E-TRANSFER ONLY to the squadron’s e-mail address shown above.  (Please include this is for a Face Mask order and the requestors name on the E-Transfer).

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