Civilian Staff

Civilian Support Staff

The Squadron’s Civilian Instructor (C/I) and Civilian Volunteer (C/V) support staff provide assistance to the officers in the operation of the Squadron. Civilian Staff, like the officers, come from all walks of life. These volunteers are attracted to the Air Cadet program for a wide variety of reasons. Some may have had previous Military Service, some have become involved because their son or daughter are (or were) cadets, others may have been cadets when they were younger, and others are just attracted to a youth program that truly helps to mold Canada’s future.


  • Dave Brooks – Chair SSC, Rotary Club of Oshawa
  • Gerry Smith – 420 Wing

Civilian Instructors (CI)

  • Don Biffin – It Support/Facebook/Website/Achievement Points
  • Ted Gilbank – The Dispatch – Newsletter
  • Jane McAteer – Attendance/Recruit Support
  • Glenn Weigel – Summer Training

Civilian Volunteers (CV)

  • Peggy Bone – Canteen/Tagging
  • Nancy Boyden – Activity Support
  • Carmen Doucette – Activity Support
  • Jane Brosseau – Kit Shop/Activity Support
  • Helen Chandler – Activity Support
  • Paolo Delipizzi – Activity Support
  • Paula Flanagan – Activity Support
  • Nancy Gilbank – Activity Support
  • Leslie Hurley – Activity Support/Tagging
  • Andrew Leslie – Flying Scholarship Officer
  • Kirsten Leslie – Recruit Admin.
  • Jason Lloyd – Canteen/Tagging/Activity Support
  • Peter Lysyk – Activity Support
  • Jennifer Mahadeo – Supply Support
  • Kim Mastroianni – Band Admin.
  • Alex McAlister  – Supply Support
  • Trevor Smith – Drill Team/Training
  • Alton Wade – Effective Speaking/Debate
  • Nina Weigel – Finance Administration