Every summer, thousands of cadets in Ontario attend various courses (commonly called “camps”) at cadet training centre’s and colleges across the province. 151 Squadron has a very successful program sending many cadets every year to the various cadet training centre’s.

Please CLICK HERE to see a Summary of the Summer Training Courses received by 151 Squadron in 2012 thru 2019 Training Years.


Summer Training Course range from  :


  • 1-2-week Cadet Activity Program Courses (CAP1/CAP2) for Level 1/2 cadets
  • Advanced Courses, including Glider Pilot Training for Level 3/4 cadets
  • Power Pilot Training, Advanced Aerospace and Staff for Level 4 and 5 Cadets.


The courses are held at two main training centre’s in Ontario.

  1. Blackdown CTC which is part of CFB Borden just southwest of Barrie Ontario
  2. Trenton CTC which is part of CFB Trenton which is east of Toronto
  3. We also use CFD Mountainview for Glider Training, Connaught CTC near Ottawa for Marksmanship.
  4. Power Pilot Training is held at designated Private Flight Training Centre’s and Advanced Aerospace is held at CFB St. Jean south of Montreal.
  5. The CAP Program is held locally in Oshawa.

Summer courses are free(except for some fee’s on Glider and Power)and transportation is provided to the training centre’s. Clothing (hat, shirt, shorts) is issued by the CTC on arrival to your course. Courses normally start in the second week of July and go to the middle of August.

Who is eligible for summer courses?

  1. Any cadet who joined 151 Sqn in the current training year and has 93 days on strength are eligible to apply for summer training.
  2. Any cadet that has joined in a previous year and will not be 19 years of age before the end of August of this training year.
  3. Any cadet that doesn’t have a medical restriction that precludes them from participating in the courses applied for. This includes food-based allergies.

How is the Priority List Set? : Achievement Points, Mandatory Attendance (Monday nights, Tagging, Lottery Tickets) and Officer/Civilian Instructor input is the primary method of creating the priority list for Summer Training Courses.

See our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more details.