2022 Lottery – Letter to Parents and Cadets

2022 Lottery – Letter to Parents and Cadets

Parents, cadets, and staff of 151 Chadburn Squadron


The 2022 Air Cadet League of Canada – Ontario Provincial Committee’s annual lottery is NOW OPEN


The Air Cadet League of Canada – Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) is a civilian organization in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces. The OPC supports Ontario Air Cadets through the Effective Speaking and Gliding Familiarization Programs.


The OPC has launched their annual Lottery Campaign – this year the lottery continues to be 100% online.


  • Tickets are $10 each
  • Each cadet must sell a minimum of 6 tickets
  • Mandatory tickets must be sold by Wednesday, April 20th


Lottery Prizes – over $100,000 in cash prizes!!!


1st Grand Prize: $58,000

2nd Grand Prize: $28,000

3rd Grand Prize: $8,000

Three consolation prizes of $800

Early bird prize: $4500


  • Early bird draw date: April 1st@ 11:00 am (tickets must be purchased by 10:00 am)
  • Grand prize draw date: April 29th@ 11:00 am (tickets must be purchased by 10:00 am)


What’s in it for our cadets?


  • For every mandatory (quota) ticket sold, the squadron will receive a portion of the ticket sales. If we can sell over quota tickets, the portion of the sales the squadron receives increases.


  • Each cadet will receive 2 achievement points for selling their mandatory allotment of 6 tickets, and then 1 achievement point for every additional 6 tickets.


  • Prizes (gift cards) will be awarded to the top 3 cadets who sell the most lottery tickets at Chadburn Squadron.



How to buy tickets?


  • https://aircadetlotto.5050central.com/?olc=151please ensure that you use this link ending in “151” or select “Oshawa 151” from the drop-down menu for the Organization field on the order form, to ensure our Squadron is credited with the ticket sales.

 ***NOTE**** some browsers will prompt you to Allow your location, please accept this to enter the Lottery website. Also, if you are using a VPN, in some cases it will block you from entering this website. Please disengage the VPN and it should work. 


  • Information to buy tickets can also be found on our website (.chadburn.org) and on our Facebook page (151 Chadburn Squadron – Royal Canadian Air Cadets)


  • Once tickets have been purchased, please send an email to lotterytickets@chadburn.org with the cadet’s rank and name, in addition to the date, number of tickets, and name of the person who bought the tickets. This is necessary to ensure the proper cadet is credited for their sales.

e.g. FSgt A. Bloggins – 06 Mar 22, 3 tickets to Mr. John Bloggins


How can parents/guardians help?



  • Share draw details on social media


  • Share the link with your friends and family


  • We have set the deadline for our cadets to complete their mandatory ticket sales after the Easter weekend, in the hopes that you can share this at your holiday gatherings


  • As per Ontario lottery regulations, these tickets may only be sold to adults 18+, within the province of Ontario. If you have relatives or friends living outside of the province who wish to purchase tickets, please facilitate their purchase.


If for religious or spiritual reasons, you are unable to sell your tickets, please contact Captain Di Loreto @ lotterytickets@chadburn.org


Thank you in advance for your continued support of 151 Chadburn Squadron.