Departure Date/Time – 2 Week GTC Course at Trenton

Departure Date/Time – 2 Week GTC Course at Trenton

Cadets travelling to the 2 week General Training Course at Trenton will depart on Sunday August 5, Beside Chuck E Cheese’s, Landmark Theatre Plaza, 75 Consumers Drive, Whitby. Please look for the 151 Sign

Cadets/Parents are asked to be at the site by 13:00 (1:00 PM), the Bus will depart at 13:45 (1:45 PM).

Cadets must have a completed a:

Cadet Transportation Form – Mandatory – signed and completed
Code of Conduct Form – Manadatory – signed/completed
Personal Items Log – Optional if you are taking a cell phone
Over the Counter Form – Optional if you are taking any medication above that listed on your cadet record
Leave Authorization form – Optional if you are adding relatives/friends to visit cadets on course not on their cadet record

Cadets must wear their Cadet Summer Uniform (Wedge/Blue Shirt/Belt/Pants/Boots and Socks), Tunic and Tie is not required. Please remove your name tag and rank slip-ons.

Please send an email to or call Mr. Biffin 289-200-5240 if you have any questions