The Dispatch, Issue # 1, Week of Sept 11, 2011

The Dispatch, Issue # 1, Week of Sept 11, 2011

Issue # 1

Week of Sept. 11, 2011

Attention all cadets!

The first Parade of the 2011-12 Cadet Training year

Will be held this coming Monday, September 12


The “Squadron Head Quarters” 254 Centre Street

Summer Dress

After a very rewarding and successful summer training period the squadron is once again ready to resume its normal fall and winter training program. There have already been several staff and NCO meetings to prepare for another very active and dynamic training year. NCOs’ have been assigned to fill the various positions such as recruit training staff and there have been several other positive changes made to the organization. The first night back will be mainly devoted to administration concerns and cadets can expect the evening to be some what hectic as the Squadron will have to cope with a number of important administrative issues such as;


a. Reviewing the cadets records to update any changes to a cadet’s address, telephone number etc.

b. Having cadets sign up for the sale of lottery tickets.

c. Tag day sign up

d. Supply issues

e. Promotions

New Recruits!!

The new recruit and Parent Information night will be on

Monday 19 September at Rotary Hall at 7.30

If you know of individuals who would like to become an air cadet make sure they know about our new recruit and parent information night on Monday September 19. The meeting starts at 1930 hrs and parking is available across the road in the lot behind the Village Union Public School.

We quite often hear that parents and young people have never heard of the Canadian cadet program and the amazing opportunities that are available to youth in this organization. Remember you are one of the people who know about this program and its activities. Make sure you take a moment to let people know about the Squadron and how youth can join the air cadets. Some parents and even youth sometimes say “well what do cadets do” if you should hear that comment you can now direct them to our new web site which has been specifically designed to help youth and parents who may wish to learn more about our Squadron and its many activities.

For instance on the menu bar the first heading is “How to Join” and it explains the age limits, the recruit training program as well as other details about how to enrol in the program. The second heading is titled “What We Do” This important section contains over 40 photos of what youth can be doing if they should choose to join our Squadron. The third heading is titled “About Us” and one of the subheadings in this section is titled “Web Links”. Here along with other links there are Power Point presentations for past cadet activities such as year end trips. There is also the Power Point Presentation that is shown to parents and new recruits at the information meeting.



Even though we have not held our first parade of the year our cadets will be out in force this coming weekend first at the Rotary Club’s Ribfest which will be held again this year at Lakeview Park. This year our cadets will be selling water as a fund raising project. If readers are attending please remember to drop in to our booth and say hello. Cadets will also be assisting at the Recreational Aircraft Association at Hawke field which is at a private field east of Oshawa.

Aviation Photo of the Week

W/C Lloyd Chadburn DSO & Bar DFC

416 City of Oshawa Squadron

Dedication of the Airport Departure Lounge in Memory of Lloyd Chadburn

At 11.00 am on Sunday September 18 in front of the main Terminal Building at the Oshawa Airport there will be a special Squadron parade and dedication ceremony to officially name the Departure Lounge at the Oshawa Airport after Lloyd Chadburn. The ceremony will be led by the Mayor of Oshawa John Henry and there will be several guest speakers and as well as the display that will be mounted in the lounge. Cadet parents, alumni and the public are all invited to witness this special honour that is being granted to our Squadron’s names sake W/C Lloyd Chadburn.

Web Links a New Location

Now that our new web site is up and running we will not be listing the series of web links that we have included in past issues of the Dispatch. Instead we would like to direct readers to the website were under the heading About Us / Web links we have included all the the links previously listed and where one will find a number of new links that are Power Point presentations of year end trips and other special events. As the year progresses we will add more links to this page


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151 Chadburn Squadron

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