The Dispatch, Issue # 16, Week of January 8, 2012

The Dispatch, Issue # 16, Week of January 8, 2012







Dispatch Issue # 16

Week of January 8, 2012


A New Officer Cadet


On December 30, 2011 C. McAteer was sworn in as an Officer Cadet in the Instructors Cadre of the Canadian Forces by Major Puglisevich. It was a special ceremony that was held at the Squadron HQ and it was witnessed by members of her family and friends. She is a former Warrant Officer in the Squadron and as you can see a number of former Squadron NCO’s came out to wish her well.

                clip_image002  clip_image003


Roller Skating Coachlite Gardens

As you can see the last cadet activity for 2011 was roller skating at Coachlite Gardens.

Just one of the reasons why it is fun to be an air cadet.





















Air Cadet League Effective Speaking Competition

The Competition will be in early March


If you are a cadet and this is something that you would like compete in please contact:

Lt. S. Donahue


The competition involves


A 5 – 6 min prepared speech on one of the following topics and a

2 –3 min. impromptu speech


1. British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and what it means to Canadian Aviation today.

2. Using Cadet Leadership to improve your community environment.

3. Canada’s contribution to the international Space Program.

4. 70 Years of air cadets.

5. My greatest air cadet achievement.

6. Why is giving back to the community important?

7. What leadership skills acquired in the cadet program have affected my life and my future.

8. Social media – Its impact on air cadets.



A Christmas Card for our Friends in the Devon and Somerset Wing of the ATC in England



A little humor that appeared over the holidays in England.


The red coated Santa is supposed to be Wing Commander Brian Willis Pope the W/C of the Devon and Somerset wing who was here this past summer with the British air cadets. The cartoon was drawn by Warrant Officer Garry Tonks, who you see in on the right in the photo below. He is not only a great cartoonist but he is also highly regarded within the Air Training Corps in England.


He is shown in the photo being presented with the Commander in Chiefs (Air Command) Commendation for Meritorious Service in HRH the Queen’s Birthday Honors List. The Presenting Officer is Group Captain Mike Remmlinger RAFR, the Regional Commandant of the Air Cadets in the South West of England. The award to Gary was particularly special, as it is typically awarded to regular RAF personnel, not air cadet staff.



Our congratulations Gary

By the way a neat looking Canuck Moose


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Annual Christmas Hockey Game – Durham College


Over the holidays we also managed to have our annual Christmas hockey game at Durham College. If you look closely you will see not only cadets but Squadron staff as well out on the ice. It was a lively game as there were also a number of former cadets home for the holidays from university and the Canadian Forces.














Aviation Photo of The Week

This photo is one of two new F35 Joint Strike Fighters that for the first time conducted actual sea trials aboard the USS Wasp. The Wasp is capable of simultaneously supporting rotary and fixed wing STOVL aircraft and amphibious landing craft operations. The tests were the first at sea vertical landings for the Marine Corps’ version of the F-35. This is the same F 35 that Canada has agreed to purchase although we would expect that our AC will not have the vertical takeoff and landing capability that is shown here.


Take a look at the following video to see some of the sea trials that were carried out.



, clip_image013



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