The Dispatch, Issue # 20, Week of Feb. 20, 2016

The Dispatch, Issue # 20, Week of Feb. 20, 2016


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Issue # 20

Week of February 14, 2016

Cadets of The Week


Congratulations to the Top Cadet On Our Last

New Recruit Course


Current Members of the Glassy Boot Society


E. Boyden


R. Barton


B. Medina


A. Lloyd


M. Singh


A. Carson


E. Dellipizzi



Sgt J.Hancock




H. Kennedy


M. Anthony


R. Sealy


T. Talhouk


B. Wardell


N. Rabjohn


J. Perreria


R. Swanton


A .Bone


  C. Abraham


K. Espe


S. Mahadeo


M. Annis

Our Friday Evening Valentine Dance

420 Wing RCAFA

We would like to once again thank the members of the 420 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association for their generosity in allowing us to use their hall for another one of our dances.  It is a lot nicer setting for a dance than our hall.

clip_image005 clip_image006

Future Cadet Activities











Mount St. Louis





Mess Dinner

Lviv Ukranian Hall

1800 hrs

8 – 10

Fri to Sun


Ganaraska Forest

Ganaraska Forest






CFB Mountainview





Annual Inspection

Legends Centre

2000 hrs








The Duchess of Cambridge Appointed the Honorary Commandant


The Royal Air Force Air Cadets in England


The Duchess of Cambridge is shown here as she stepped out to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets in England. It was a particularly memorable event for Kate, as it marked her first event with the organisation since she took over the patronage from Prince Philip in December when she assumed the role of “Honorary Air Commandant”` of the Air Training Corps. The group is composed of some 42,000 air cadets aged 12 to 19, as well as 15,000 adult volunteers at more than 1,200 units across the UK and abroad.

Some may wonder why we have included this reference in our newsletter. The answer is rather emotional for all of us as our squadron has been deeply involved with the air cadet program in England for many years. We have now had 5 successful exchanges with Air Training corps in England as well as several private visits by members of the squadron. Three different cadet groups from the 1955 City of Wells Squadron have come to Canada through our own exchange program and we in turn have travelled to England twice.  As both our English friends and so many of our own people are eager for another visit by Chadburn Squadron, it can’t be too long before another visit happens. 

The British cadets who came to Canada had a chance to not only participate in different activities with our cadets  but they also had the opportunity to see a lot of different sites in the Province of Ontario from land, air and water. Our cadets in turn can say that they had the opportunity to explore the air museum at Duxford in Cambridge (this is the home of one of the Spitfire aircraft flown by Lloyd Chadburn), Buckingham Palace, climb to the roof of the Wells cathedral and participate in the race held in the moat that circles the Bishop’s Palace in Wells. They have also been able to cheer on the Canadian Men’s and Woman’s wheelchair basketball teams at the Paralympic games in London.  These are just a few of the many activities that our cadets had a chance to see and participate in during our trips overseas.  When all is considered this program has been a fantastic opportunity for our cadets and one in which very few air cadet squadrons in Canada have the opportunity to participate in.

British Cadets during their visit to Canada

clip_image008 clip_image010

Getting a taste of Canadian cottage life. We couldn’t wear uniforms due to security concerns but were still able to

show our guest the best of the nation’s capital.

Our Cadets in England

clip_image012 clip_image013

Our Last visit to England and a stop at Yeovilton Naval Air Station. Our cadets with the Brits Cheering at the Paralympic games

with the very distinctive hats our hosts made to make sure we didn’t get lost.

Thoughts From the Treadmill

The write up about the relationship between The City of Wells Air Cadets (more properly now, the Devon and Sommerset Wing of the Air Training Corps) and Chadburn Squadron brings back lots of great memories of both hosting and visiting on our own international exchange.  I have been asked about when another visit might happen to England and believe me, I would love to see it happen, there are several different things going on in Ottawa with regards to overseas trips that caused the command team of the Squadron to put off any thought of visiting England for the time being.  Once the dust settles and all of the regulations that are going to be changed are known, we will once again explore the option of flying over for another visit. 

I am sure many of the parents and alumni who read this on a regular basis have heard the news that the Durham District School Board has decided that Central Collegiate will be closing after this school year.  We are in the process of exploring our options with regards to where we will parade in the future and have had discussions with the School Board and local schools.  Ideally this will be somewhere close to the Squadron HQ as the current system we have seems to work pretty well.  One of the contingencies that we have to look at is that we will be forced to rent commercial space to provide a suitable training location for our cadets.  I will keep you informed of anything that gets firmed up in our discussions.  We hope to have a firm plan in place before the end of this training year.

As I walked around the 40 or so cadets that were shining their boots at the hall on Wednesday night, I noticed that some of the polish the cadets were using looked like it had been left over from the Korean conflict.  If you are using a shoe brush in the same can of polish that you use to dip your Kiwi cloth in, you are going to end up with scratches on your boots.  We do have some Kiwi Cloths and polish in the office for sale for $4.00 each.  We don’t have a ton of it, but we can always get more if the demand is there. 

There will be a lot more detail next week, but I just want to give people a heads up regarding our annual cadet mess dinner.  This year the dinner will be on April 3rd and it promises to be a great time.  Tickets will be $20.00 each for cadets and parents. 

Aviation Photo of the Week


Check out the video to see what happens when you combine 8 expert photographers with

some of the most well-known military aircraft and demonstration teams in the world.

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