The Dispatch, Issue #28, Week of Mar, 30, 2014

The Dispatch, Issue #28, Week of Mar, 30, 2014


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Issue # 28

Week of Mar 30, 2014


Cadet of the Week


Cadet Tag Days are Coming

Signup sheets will be at the school on Monday night.  Remember, every cadet must tag at least two shifts.

Tagging days are Thursday April 24- Sunday April 27th.

Summer Training Selections

The first round of selections for 2014 Summer Training Courses have been received. Parents and Cadets should see Mr. Biffin on Monday March 24 at the school, either at opening or closing parade to accept the position and sign the paperwork. If you can’t make this date please contact Mr. Biffin at to arrange an alternate time.

Please go to our website for the most recent selection information :

Please note we are still waiting for selections for National Courses and Staff.


Annual Cadet Mess Dinner

Lviv Ukrainian Hall

This past weekend the Squadron held its annual cadet mess dinner.  Over 250 cadets, parents and special guests were in attendance.  The evening provided not only a first rate family dinner for our guests but it was a great opportunity for parents to meet the Squadron staff and to learn more about 151 squadron and the air cadet program. The entire program including toasts, awards and  presentations is run by the cadets. The Squadron band also provided some great music before and after the dinner.



One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of numerous Squadron awards to the Squadron’s top cadets.

clip_image005 clip_image006 clip_image007 clip_image008

clip_image009 clip_image010 clip_image011

Our guest speaker for the evening was a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot from CFB Trenton. He provided a fascinating description of an emotional rescue attempt in the Artic. It was interesting to note that a complete description of the rescue attempt appeared in the Toronto star the next day.


New Flight Sergeants


Cadets who received the Air Cadet Medal for 4 years of cadet service.


Building Wing Ribs

This past Monday first year cadets were introduced to a new and different activity. The Recreational Aircraft Association here in Oshawa volunteered to come to the squadron and show our cadets how to assemble an aircraft wing rib. This was an entirely new activity for our cadets and judging by the interest and concentration of the cadets it proved to be interesting and rewarding evening.

The evening was well organized and there were five  club members who volunteered to come out and assist the cadets. The squadron would like to thank Jim Morrison the Club president for all the time and effort that he and the club members put into this very successful program.

clip_image015 clip_image016




Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

Honourable Members

WO1 B. Jackson, WO2 A.Hembruff, WO2 A.Boyden, WO2 R. Bliss, WO2 C. Tan, F/Sgt D. Lloyd,  F/Sgt C.Travis, F/Sgt J.Shaw, F/Sgt K.Katzer, F/Sgt S.Sheppard, F/Sgt A.Ford Williams,

Sgt V.Singh, Sgt. E. Dellipizzi, Sgt. R. DeMille, Sgt. M. Obrien, Sgt. B. Medina, Sgt. B. McMurtry, Sgt R.Barton, Sgt. J.Ehrt ,Sgt. O.Sam, Sgt C.Brandow, F/Cpl. M. Annis, F/Cpl J.Hancock,  F/Cpl C.Abraham, F/Cpl B. Hewett , Cpl J.Hancock, Cpl F.Chandler


Thoughts from the Treadmill

I hope it is finally safe to say this and that I won’t be jinxing the nice weather, but it looks like spring is finally gracing us with her presence.  We will stay in winter dress until I can be sure we won’t freeze if we show up in short sleeve shirts.  Please remember that although it may feel warm when you leave the house, you must still wear your parka with the liner.  You never know when we will be outside marching.

I’d like to make special notice of WO Tan and the great job he did as the President of the Mess last weekend.  It’s not easy keeping the dinner flowing as well as he did.  BZ

There will be sign up lists posted at the school for both Tag-Days and the year-end trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow night.  Please make sure that you know when you are available to tag and have a couple of locations in mind for the time you want.  We will do our best to put cadets at the location they request, however we have to keep in mind the makeup of tagging teams (senior cadet with junior cadet) as well as who else is at the location.  Tagging right next to your friend might seem like a good idea, but if it causes a distraction from the task at hand then it might be better to tag without them there.

As I mentioned at the dinner last week, summer course selections are coming in.  Many cadets will already have learned that they are going to camp, for those still waiting, please remember that this is just the first load and that there is still the possibility that you will be going.  Something that is different this year is that we will not be providing everyone with a PT uniform.  Due to budget cuts by the military, these uniforms are no longer available for everyone.  We do have some PT uniforms left in stock from last year and will try to outfit as many first year cadets as possible.  We will post information on this at a later date. 

I’m a bit disappointed that we only received one new photo of a former cadet who has gone into the military.  (I’m happy for the one I got, I just wish there were a lot more with it).  Mrs. Weigel has taken over this project and I would ask that if you or a friend went in to the military, send us a picture.  It is something to be extremely proud of. 

Finally, GOOD LUCK!  To all cadets who will be participating in the Band and Drill Competition next weekend in Kingston.  This is where the rubber meets the road and all of your training gets put on display. 

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week.

Major Bliss


Aviation Photo Of the Week

The B24 Liberator


Today most are not aware the during the war the Ford Motor Car Company built this aircraft for the American Army at the rate of one aircraft every 55 MINUTES!!

The factory was located at Willow Run, Mich. Henry Ford was determined that he could mass produce bombers just as he had done with cars. He built the Willow Run assembly plant and proved it. It was the world’s largest building under one roof.

Check out the video This film will absolutely blow you away – one B-24 every 55 minutes.

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