The Dispatch, Issue # 5, Week of Oct. 16, 2016

The Dispatch, Issue # 5, Week of Oct. 16, 2016


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Issue 5

Week of Oct. 16, 2016

This Year is Our 75th Anniversary 



All OPC Air Cadet Lottery Tickets are to be returned tomorrow night.  Tickets are to be sold with full amount of tickets included in return.  Captain Chandler will be collecting the tickets at the sign in desk at the school tomorrow night. 

Tri-Service Dinner and Dance

As mentioned last week, tickets for the Tri-Service Dinner and Dance will be on sale at closing parade starting tomorrow night.  The Dance will be held on Friday December 9th at the Lviv Hall in Oshawa.  Tickets this year are $25.00 each.  We will be limiting the number of tickets sold this year to 350. 151 Squadron is being given the first opportunity to buy tickets, however as soon as the other invited units are notified, ticket sales will be open to everyone on a first come first served basis.  Please see OCdt Di Loreto at closing parade for your tickets. 

More Photos From Oskosh

One of our readers did a little more research on the Oshkosh flyin site and found a large collection of additional photos from this unique aviation event.

Click on the link that follows to see more of the events and aircraft that participated in the week long fly in.



Important Future Cadet Activities

Remember the complete list of the squadron’s activities can be found on the Squadron’s website under the heading “calendar”






Fri – Sat

14 – 15


Orienteering Comp.


Fri – Sun

21 – 23


Level 5 Trg.

CFB Trenton





CFB Mountainview




Poppy Campaign

Legion Branch 637




Remembrance Day


Sat -Sun

12 – 13


Outdoor Training

Ganaraska Forest Ctr.




Tri Service Dance

Lviv Ukranian Hall

Royal Order of the Glassy Boot!!

WO 1 C.Abraham







F/Sgt. F.Chandler

F/Sgt T.Talhouk









Thoughts from the Elliptical

I have been able to spend a bit more time than normal at the cadet hall recently and because of this got to thinking about the number of cadets that are seen there several times a week.  We all know that Monday is the mandatory day of the week, but seeing the same faces several times during the week and seeing the numbers they represent on an attendance form also makes me think of the number that don’t do anything but the bare minimum required to stay a member.  School should always be the priority for our cadets and I’m certainly not suggesting that extracurricular cadet activities trump school in importance, however to be successful in cadets (and not coincidentally, life in general), you have to put out a more than minimum effort.

  I watched several cadets at boot shining last week not only do their own boots, but also help some that needed help.  If you (the cadets reading this) haven’t ever come down to boot shining on a Wednesday night, you are certainly missing out on something that not only will help you get on the Glassy Boot list, but judging from the music and laughter, is a pretty fun time.  We try to help as many cadets as possible get their boots up to standard, but it all can’t be done on a Wednesday night.  You will have to do your homework and spend some time the rest of the week shining your boots.  Just a note, if something seems like it takes all of the work out of shining boots, it probably isn’t very good for your boots.  Kiwi shoe polish and water (hot or cold) should be all you need to get a glass shine on your footwear.  Lighter fluid, after shave, vinegar and Amway spray polish all seem like a good idea at the time, but eventually they all dry out the leather on your boots and ruin them. 

I would like to congratulate all of the cadets who participated in the Easter Ontario Area Orienteering Competition on Saturday.  From what I hear, it was a long day with lots of running and the chance to learn some new skills.  We don’t have the results of the competition yet, but will make sure to share them with you when we get them. 

I’ll give a heads up for an upcoming event that has become somewhat of a tradition at the Squadron.  We will once again be selling poinsettias leading up to Christmas.  On November 7th, a letter will go home with the order form.  You will have to have the forms back on November 21st and then the flowers will be delivered in December.  From past experience dealing with the company that supplies the plants, they are very high quality and a good value for the cost. 

I would like to offer my congratulations on behalf of the Squadron to former Warrant Officer Declan Lloyd who was sworn in Tuesday night as an Officer Cadet with the Governor General’s Foot Guards in Ottawa, we wish you all the best in this chapter of your life.  BZ

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week

Major Bliss  

Our 75th Anniversary

Memories from Our Past

clip_image004 clip_image005

WO Weigel as a cadet WO and LCol Gilbank after his first flight in a twin Beach aircraft, RCAF Station Aylmer 1953.

Yes the pilot did try and impress us with his flying skills.


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