The Dispatch, Special Edition May 24, 2014

The Dispatch, Special Edition May 24, 2014


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Special Edition

May 24, 2014

Annual Inspection Photo Album

We have included with this Special Edition 118 photos that were taken at this year’s annual inspection by Lou Hopkins. This is the most comprehensive  collection of photos that we have ever had so rather than try and select certain photos for an issue of the  Dispatch we thought it would be best to let readers see and view the entire collection. In this way readers will be able to view all the pictures  and then if they wish print those photos that are of a personal interest to them or their family.

Please note that there are 118  photos in the collection and should individuals wish to see photos of trophy winners they can be found in the album as photos #83-94 and #106-108.

To view the photos in this album click on the following words 

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