The Dispatch Issue # 1, Week of Sept 13, 2015

The Dispatch Issue # 1, Week of Sept 13, 2015


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Issue 1

Week of Sept. 13, 2015

Parent Cadet Information Night For New Recruits

The start of our first new recruit course will be held on Monday September 21, 7:30 – 9:00 PM, Rotary Hall 254 Centre Street South, Oshawa. We ask attendees to park across the road at Village Union PS, access from Gibb Street. All guests are asked to be seated by 7:15 PM. We will begin with a presentation about the air cadet program followed by the application process. The application package can be found at the following link, we strongly recommend that parents complete this package prior.

New Recruits MUST BE 12 years of age at the time of joining.

If readers know of youth who are interested in becoming an air cadet in our squadron

please let them know about our Parent/Cadet information Night 

The briefing will last about 1 hour with time for questions at the end.

Please remember new recruits must provide one of the following forms of Identification:

Canadian Birth Certificate or

Canadian Passport or

Canadian Citizenship Card or

Canadian Landed Card

Please also bring your Ontario Health Card.

We quite often hear that parents and young people have never heard of the Canadian cadet program and the amazing opportunities that are available to youth in this organization.  Remember alumni, current cadets and staff are the people who know about this program and its many activities. Make sure you take a moment to let people know about the Squadron and how youth can join the air cadets.

First Night of Cadets – Monday September 14

For returning cadets, the first night is on Monday September 14,  at Rotary Hall starting at 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

This will be an Administration night where we will hand out the yearly validation forms, receive your level badges, make any uniform changes and sign up for various activities.

After a very rewarding and successful summer training period the squadron is once again ready to resume its normal fall and winter training program. There have already been several staff and NCO meetings to prepare for another very active and dynamic training year.  NCOs’ have been assigned to fill the various positions such as recruit training staff and there have been several other positive changes made to the organization.

The first night back will be mainly devoted to administration concerns. Cadets can expect the evening to be somewhat hectic as the Squadron will have to cope with a number of important administrative issues such as;

            a. Reviewing the cadets records to update any changes to a cadet’s address, telephone number etc.

          Tag day sign up

         Supply issues


Cadet of the Week

As this is the first week back after the long summer break there will be no cadet of the week in this issue or next week. However as soon as our regular training parades are well under way the NCOs’ will be back once again looking for outstanding cadets to feature in the Dispatch. If you would like to see your photo in our newsletter,  it’s easy, just be the sharpest cadet on a Monday evening training parade and your photo will appear. Remember our newsletter goes across Canada as well as to England, USA and Singapore. Want to be famous, just look sharp and it will happen.

Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

You will notice that the membership list for our Squadron’s most noble order of achievement and recognition is currently blank. The reason is quite simple. Cadets who may have received this award last year must now in accordance good Air Force tradition re qualify, if they wish to have their names published in our newsletter.

We are looking for hard working, sharp cadets who indeed meet the standards of the Royal Order of the Glassy Boot. So there be no doubt the standard for acceptance has not been revised, simply stated, if it’s not glass all around you need not apply for only the best are allowed membership in this exclusive Society.

The challenge is there, if you wish to see your name in our newsletter start working on your boots today. Last year 38 members of the Squadron succeeded in gaining membership in this exclusive order. This year or goal is to get at least 50 cadets on this list.

Welcome Back From The CO

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome each and every cadet and staff member back to the Squadron.  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer break.  The staff have been busy preparing an exciting training schedule and a great list of extra activities for the upcoming year.  You will notice that there are a number of staff changes and these will be explained in the coming weeks.   Please make sure that you are in attendance on Monday night and have both your Squadron ID card and your provincial health card with you, it will be a hectic evening, but the administration needs to be done at the beginning of every year.  If there are any changes to your address or phone number, please make sure you have them available for the staff to copy down.  Supply will be in operation tomorrow night, if you require new uniform parts because you have outgrown the older things, please make sure to have the item to exchange.

I will be climbing back on the treadmill and sharing my thoughts in the coming weeks, but for now, be prepared to hit the ground running for this training year, we are going to be busy and you don’t want to get left behind.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week.

Major Bliss

International Military Tattoo Hamilton Ontario

Over the summer months we do not usually send out our regular news letters so not everyone may be aware of one of the squadron’s most important achievements in the 2014-2015 training year.  Although it occurred in May it marked the Squadron’s second appearance at the Hamilton International Military Tattoo. At the tattoo our squadron’s band and drill team put on an impressive demonstration which was enthusiastically received by the audience.  What follows is a photo of the grand finale at the conclusion of the parade.


Cadet Summer Training Program

The Cadet Graduation Parade

8 Wing

Canadian Forces Base Trenton

Some of our cadets unfortunately do not apply to attend the summer camps that are open to our qualified cadets during the summer months. There may also be parents who do not know about the extensive summer program that is available to our cadets.  Just to let our readers know about the summer training opportunities at Trenton we have included three photos that we were able to lift from a photo display sent out by the camp staff. The first is a photo of the a camp graduation parade while the second two photos show two of our cadets who achieved leadership positions at the Trenton Air Cadet Camp.




151 Chadburn’s Squadron International Exchange Program

One of the unique activities in our squadron is the international exchange program that we share with 1955 Squadron The Air Training Corps in Devon England. This year it was our turn to host the British cadets. In the following photo you can see not only all the British cadets but also all of our cadets and staff who participated in the 10 day exchange program. The occasion was the final dinner held for our guests at 420 Wing RCAFA.  In the photo can also see a number of civic officials including the mayor who came out to greet our visitors and wish them well as they left for England the following day.



Air Rifle Shooting Practice

There will be an open air rifle shooting practice on Saturday from 1330 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Squadron Band Practice Update

After an award-winning year last year, the Band is now up and running as of this past Thursday

This Thursday September 17th: RETURNING BAND MEMBERS ONLY (Comp & Non-Comp band)

***Band contracts can be signed all night***


***Band contracts can be signed all night***


Parents MUST come to Squadron Headquarters (Rotary Hall) to sign their cadet’s INSTRUMENT LOAN CONTRACT before cadets will be allowed to take instruments home.

THIS CONTRACT IS MANDATORY FOR ANYONE WISHING TO BORROW A SQUADRON INSTRUMENT. This does not apply to cadets with their own instrument or the use of a school instrument.


Aviation Photo of the Week

This year we are again going to feature an Aviation Photo of the week. Our goal is to encourage and develop our cadets interest in aviation by letting them see photos, videos and stories

about the exciting and challenging world of aviation and space travel.

We already have a considerable collection of photos and stories thanks to our readers. So here is our first video, guaranteed to make a seasoned pilot sweat and wonder if flying through a hanger at 200 knots is really such a good idea.

Red Bull Barnstorming

clip_image008         mclip_image009

Check out the video and see two Red Bull AC fly through a hangar at the same time!


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