The Dispatch, Issue #14, Week of Jan. 3, 2016

The Dispatch, Issue #14, Week of Jan. 3, 2016


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Issue # 14

Week of Jan 3, 2016

Cadets of The Week


A Look Back At Our Long History

With the start of a new year we thought it might be of interest to our readers to look back at the long history of 151 Squadron.

In the photo that follows you can see cadets from our squadron as they appeared in a photo that was taken in 1943 when the Squadron’s home

was the R.S. Mc Laughlin Armouries here in Oshawa.


A Warm Welcome to

Our New Squadron Warrant Officer


Roller Skating Coachlite Gardens

A roller skating party, a great way to end the first half of the 2015 – 2016 cadet year.


clip_image007 clip_image008 clip_image009

151 Squadron’s Air Rifle Shooting Program



If you happen to be at the cadet hall on Tuesday evenings you will find our cadets and our competition rifle team busy practicing and developing their skills.

We are fortunate to have an impressive collection of all the latest equipment such as scopes, magnifiers, lights and tripods etc. All of this equipment

plus a dedicated and enthusiastic staff is what led the Squadron to its impressive record at the Paul Bawden Shoot.

Stay tuned as there are more important shoots coming up in the near future.

The electronics age comes to the cadet Shooting Program


There is now no debate in cadet competitions over just where the shot went as all shots are now scored electronically and each cadet has his or

her own computer to keep track of their score. As one can appreciate this is an expensive but amazing addition to the cadet shooting program.

The use of computers adds a new dimension to the cadet shooting program as inter provincial competitions can be held across Canada and the results

can be immediately available to others competing on the other side of the nation.


2016 Effective Speaking and Debating Competitions

Advance Notice For Interested Cadets and Staff

It has just been confirmed that the air cadet Effective Speaking Competitions

will be held on April 30th, 2016 and the Debating Competitions will be held on May 1st, 2016

all at Mohawk College in Hamilton.


The Glassy Boot Award

LAC E. Boyden

FSgt R. Barton

WO2 B. Medina

WO2 A. Lloyd

F/Sgt M. Singh

F/Sgt A. Carson

WO2 E. Dellipizzi

F/Cpl F.Chandler

Sgt J.Hancock

F/Cpl J.Hancock

F/Cpl H. Kennedy

F/Cpl M. Anthony

F/Cpl R. Sealy

F/Cpl T. Talhouk

F/Cpl B. Wardell

Thoughts From the Treadmill

Happy New Year to you all.  I still find it hard to believe that 2015 is in the history books already, boy it flew by.  As always, we welcomed some new members to the Squadron family, we also unfortunately said goodbye to some.  It truly is a circle of life. 

As we enter 2016, I find that we are as busy as ever, yet we still have cadets quitting and saying they are bored. It is hard to compete with video games and a thousand different forms of entertainment to be found without leaving the house. If you find yourself in that boat, try coming out to Drill Team where you can be challenged both mentally and physically, come out on a Friday night to compete in a friendly environment with the other cadets in our Sports nights or come out and shine your boots with friends and some pretty good music on our weekly uniform prep nights, at the end of the day, don’t come to me and say you are bored, you choose your own path.

Last week I had the opportunity to reconnect with two very dear old friends (actually four friends when I count their wives who are just as special). I met both of these gentlemen when I was an officer cadet many moons ago, one through courses with the military and the other through the Squadron when we were assigned to be the advance party on a trip to Virginia.  I have shared vacations with both families and both were huge influences on kids.  Over the last several years, I have fallen out of touch with both of these guys because of a number of things, (work, family situations, cadets etc…)but mainly through laziness on my part.  Too lazy to pick up the phone and say hi, too lazy to hop in the car and drive 7 kms on a day off, too lazy to drop an email…I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I have, Not to take for granted the good things and the good friends that have come my way.  ( and to try not to be too lazy to work at it).

A while back I mentioned the passing of two of our staff member’s grandfather.  Arnold Bell was the grandfather of Andrew and Kristen Leslie and was very supportive of them and their involvement with the Squadron.  Mr. Bell was an aviation enthusiast and a very accomplished model airplane builder.  Shortly before his grandfather passed away, Andrew came to me and asked if I thought it would be appropriate to hang a model that his grandfather had built in the hall. I am very happy to share a picture of this fantastic model that now hangs over the stage on the parade square at Rotary Hall.  The bottom picture is Mr. Bell getting ready to fly the Harvard.  Thank you Andrew and Kristen, I believe this is a wonderful and lasting tribute to your grandfather.



We are getting in to the busy time of the year, we will be getting ready for several sports competitions, a ski day, more community service opportunities and summer camp form completion and signing.  Please pay attention to the dispatch and to your NCOs.  A lot of information will be passed along in the coming weeks.

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week.

Major Bliss/

Aviation Photo of the Week

Recognize The Airline?


Actually this is not a real aircraft but a model that can be found in Knuffingen Airport (the world’s smallest airport) which is part of a Miniature Wunderland located in Hamburg Germany.  One of the highlights of this miniature display is the airport where there are up to 40 different aircraft from a lowly Cessna to an Airbus A 380 that can be seen taxying independently around the airport. They are being moved back from the gates by push-back vehicles in order to taxi to the runway. Once on the runway they can be seen accelerating and taking off or landing. If you have not seen this amazing display before then take the time to look at the following video.

If you are interested in seeing the video of the complete display then have a look at the following video link.

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