The Dispatch, Issue # 15, Week of Jan. 10, 2016

The Dispatch, Issue # 15, Week of Jan. 10, 2016


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Issue # 15

Week of Jan 10, 2016


Cadets of The Week


Air Cadet League Fund Raising Program

Meet our two cadets who topped all others in the sale of ACL lottery tickets.


Congratulations on an impressive achievement.


The Glassy Boot Award

LAC E. Boyden

FSgt R. Barton

WO2 B. Medina

WO2 A. Lloyd

F/Sgt M. Singh

F/Sgt A. Carson

WO2 E. Dellipizzi

F/Cpl F.Chandler

Sgt J.Hancock

F/Cpl J.Hancock

F/Cpl H. Kennedy

F/Cpl M. Anthony

F/Cpl R. Sealy

F/Cpl T. Talhouk

F/Cpl B. Wardell

Squadron Squadron Ski Trip


The Squadron will once again be hitting the slopes.  Mark  March 5th on your calendar for this year’s trip.  Once again, the Rotary Club of Oshawa and the Squadron will be providing transportation to and from Mount St. Louis-Moonstone ski hill.  We will also be getting a great deal on all different levels of skiing and rentals.  An allowance of $10.00 will be provided to help offset the purchase of your lunch, but you are always welcome to ‘brown bag’ it.  Please sign up on our Sign-Up Genius page.  Please pay attention to the different categories and only check one.  Payment will be due towards the middle of February.  Please note that the wearing of a helmet is mandatory for all cadets and staff who are skiing or snowboarding that day.  The cost of renting a helmet will be covered with your payment.  Click on the following link to sign up.


Festival of Remembrance – The Embasy Church

October 31st, 2015

We have included with this week’s edition photos that were taken at a special remembrance service that was held

before Remembrance Day to commemorate the Liberation of Holland.




Future Cadet Activities










Tartan Shoot






Valentine Dance

420 Wing RCAFA





Mess Dinner

Lviv Ukranian Hall

1800 hrs

8 – 10

Fri to Sun


Ganaraska Forest

Ganaraska Forest






CFB Mountainview





Annual Inspection

Legends Centre

2000 hrs








Thoughts From the Treadmill

With the holiday season fading, the last of our annual visitors have headed back to where they call home these days.  It never ceases to amaze me when I look around on a Monday night, or especially a band night during the Christmas Season.  The number of Squadron alumni who continue to show up to say hi, share stories of their latest adventures and quite often pick up an instrument and join the band in playing a song or two is really neat.  To see former cadets share their experiences and the camaraderie that still exists tells me that we are definitely doing something right at Chadburn Squadron.  We have jet  and helicopter pilots, the guys that fix their aircraft for them, Navy communicators and engine techs and students from all over the country showing up to be with friends that if it weren’t for the Squadron, they wouldn’t even know.  Somehow, the friendships made here seem to run a little deeper than those made at school. 

Not really sure where to put this, but hopefully one of our readers will be able to help out.  Through the course of the year we do quite a few certificates for different presentations.  Most of these we can generate on the computer.  Some however require a little bit more hands on stuff.  Although I took calligraphy in art class many moons ago, I don’t have the skill to give the certificates the special look they deserve.  If anyone is proficient in calligraphy and would like to help out once in a while, please get in touch with me. 

As I mentioned last week at closing parade, we are in a very precarious situation in regards to the school.  Too many times this year, things have been moved and not put back in their proper place or items have been misplaced.  As renters at the school, we do not have the right to touch teacher’s or student’s property. I have been given notice that our permit is in jeopardy if these things keep happening.  Please respect the school and all of the equipment we use.  We really can’t run the Squadron out of the cadet hall properly if we lose the school.

That’s all for now. .

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week.

Major Bliss

Aviation (This week it’s a Space Photo) of the Week



Not an aircraft this week but the untold story of one of the world’s most famous photographs, our home, as photographed from the moon.

This occurred over 45 years ago, on Christmas Eve, 1968.
Click on the following link which will take you into the lunar module with the 3 astronauts and you can hear them as they see and photograph our earth.

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