The Dispatch Issue #2, Week of Sept. 15, 2013

The Dispatch Issue #2, Week of Sept. 15, 2013


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Issue 2

Week of Sept. 15, 2013


New Recruits

If readers know of youth who are interested in becoming an air cadet in our squadron

please let them know that a Parent/Cadet information Night will be held at

Rotary Hall, 254 Centre Street, Oshawa

7.30 PM, Monday, September 16, 2013 .

The Parking is available across the road at Village Union P.S., access off of Gibb Street.  The briefing will last about 1 hour with time for questions at the end.

To prepare for the recruit course please review the information on our squadron website,

The forms to join cadets are available on the squadrons website.

Please download the Recruit Application Package, complete the forms and give to the recruiting staff on the information night.

Please remember new recruits must provide one of the following forms of Identification:

Canadian Birth Certificate or

Canadian Passport or

Canadian Citizenship Card or

Canadian Landed Card

Please also show your Ontario Health Card.

We quite often hear that parents and young people have never heard of the Canadian cadet program and the amazing opportunities that are available to youth in this organization.  Remember you are one of the people who know about this program and its activities. Make sure you take a moment to let people know about the Squadron and how youth can join the air cadets.

Hawke Field Fly In



Each year our cadets assist the Recreational Aircraft Association at their annual flyin at Hawke Field. As one can see from the photos it is grass roots flying at its best.

The location near Orono is a private airfield with a 3000 foot grass runway.

clip_image004 clip_image005

For the Squadron it was a memorable day as we had a chance to meet several former members of the Squadron.

In the left photo you may recognize Bill Lishman. Bill is a former cadet from 1951 who has gained national recognition not only as a sculptor but as the inspiration for the movie Fly Away Home.

In the second photograph you can meet another former cadet, Brian Cotter, a well-known Squadron Warrant Officer from the 1970’s. He flew in, in this home built aircraft which by the way cruises at 200 mph.

Another member of the Squadron staff who also attended was Wally Norris who for many years taught our flying scholarship classes.

In the photo below you can see our cadets trying out a privately owned Mark 4 Harvard aircraft. The pilot by the way is a former air cadet who became a glider and power pilot through the air cadet program.


If you would like to view some of the many interesting aircraft that participated in the flyin just click on the following link for some excellent aviation photos

“On behalf of the Oshawa Recreational Aircraft Association, I would like to say thanks to the Air Cadets for their assistance in making this a great day.”

Doug Raine, Recreational Aircraft Association

clip_image009 clip_image010

Last weekend was rather busy as it was also the Rotary Club’s annual Rib Fest which was held in Lakeview Park. Our cadets participate in the activity by cleaning tables for the Rotary Club

as well as raising money for the squadron by selling bottled water through out the park. We also had our own booth to help advertize the squadron and its many community activities.

clip_image011 clip_image012



Here is a picture of FSgt Casey Kelly being sworn into the Canadian Forces on Aug 22nd.  Casey has been accepted into the Royal Canadian Air Force in the aviation program. 

and he is currently undergoing his Basic Officer Training at St. Jean Quebec.  Please join Chadburn Squadron in wishing Casey the best for a successful career as a pilot.


Message from the Treadmill

As the cadet year is off to a running start, it is time for me to once again get on the treadmill and try to think happy thoughts. 

Last week, I had the pleasure of promoting many cadets to their new ranks, as I told the cadets, although the promotions are automatic, it does not mean that no work is required in their new ranks.  Sergeants will be expected to act like Sergeants and perform their tasks in a professional manner, this will hold true for the lower ranks as well.  Although I was extremely proud of all those promoted, I was rather concerned about the lack of basic drill knowledge.  Part of being an NCO is the ability to perform and instruct drill.  We do have Drill Manuals available for purchase at the canteen for $2.00 each, these are basic drill manuals, but they do have all of the drill you are expected to know. 

I had the pleasure of seeing a bunch of cadets out shooting on Saturday, the numbers were lower than we expected, but that meant that 13 cadets were able to qualify for a shooting level badge.  There will be more open shooting coming up soon. 

As we witnessed last week, sometimes outside forces affect our plans.  With a busload of cadets heading to Mountainview for the first gliding of the cadet year, a phone call came in cancelling the day’s flying because of military parachuting activity on the airfield.  I realize it is frustrating for both cadets and their parents, but please understand that the Regular Force will always have more priority than cadets in these circumstances. 

We are looking forward to an exciting training year, there are some new activities that the Squadron will be participating in, as well as the regular activities that we have grown accustomed to, please keep your ears open at closing parades and keep your eyes on the Dispatch for any dates.  We are already planning some of our larger activities and the year-end trip; we will be talking about that in an upcoming edition of the Dispatch. 

The last point for this week is Tag Days, this year our fall tag days will be on September 26, 27, 28 and 29.  Please keep as much of this weekend open as possible.  There will be prizes for the top selling cadets, and this year instead of 10% of the Spring Tag Days total coming off a cadet’s year end trip cost, 5% of their fall total and 5% of their spring total will come off the price of the trip.  If a cadet does not attend the trip, they are not entitled to any of this money.  All cadets are expected to sign up for at least 2 shifts with more being available to those that want them.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week, Major Bliss

Aviation Photo Of the Week

A Mark 4 Harvard taking off at Hawke Field last weekend


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