The Dispatch, Issue # 20, Week of Feb 10, 2013

The Dispatch, Issue # 20, Week of Feb 10, 2013


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Issue 20

Week of Feb 10, 2013

Valentine Dance!!!

Our Valentine Dance has been rescheduled to Friday 15 February,

7 PM at Rotary Hall

Remember Get Your Tickets Now


Skiing Mount Saint Louis Moonstone February 23rd


The Squadron Mess Dinner March 3

Costs for Skiing

youth 13-17 years of age

Lift ticket   $36

Ski or Snowboard Rental (skis, boots & poles or snow board & boots) $34

Helmet with rentals  $6

Helmet without rentals $10

Mandatory Rental Insurance $2

Mess Dinner costs

$20 for adults, $18 for cadets

Model Building Contest

Cadets building models are reminded that the Contest will  be held on:

Monday Evening February 25 At Central Collegiate

Annual Inspection Reviewing Officer

It may seem a little early to be taking about a reviewing officer for our squadron's annual inspection but this year it will indeed be a special and unique occasion as it has just been announced that our reviewing officer this year will be Wing Commander Brian Willis Pope the officer commanding the Devon and Somerset Wing of the Air Training Corps in south west England. W/C Pope is no stranger to our squadron as he was here previously with the Air Training Corps cadets who visited with us two years ago. The photo below which was taken in 1998 shows Col Gilbank presenting W/C Pope with a copy of our Squadron Crest which now hangs in the Devon and Somerset Wing Headquarters at Wyvern Barracks in Exeter. The occasion was an annual wing drill competition and sports meet where Col Gilbank was the reviewing officer for the drill competition.  


Glassy Boot Award

Honourable Members

F/Cpl Barton, Sgt. Hembruff, Cpl Milne, WO2 Bauer, Sgt. Boyden, Sgt. Katzer, Cpl. Hancock, Sgt. Chandler WO2  Smith

F/Sgt Bliss, Sgt Mogosh, Cpl Hewett, F/Cpl Shaw, Sgt. Keller, Cpl Zdebiak, F/Cpl J. Ehrt, WO2 Neill, Sgt Sheppard, Sgt Sam, F/Cpl Abraham

Cpl C. Swatridge, AC J. Hancock, F/Cpl D. Lloyd, F/Cpl C.Brandow, Cpl M.Achan, F/Cpl V. Singh

Thoughts From The Treadmill

Hard to believe that our last recruit course for this training year is graduating tomorrow night.  Uniforms are pressed, boots are shined and our newest members of Chadburn squadron are both excited and nervous about their upcoming graduation parade and joining the rest of the squadron on Monday nights.  Please take a minute to think about your early days at Chadburn, and make sure these new cadets feel comfortable and welcome.  
A reminder to team and flight commanders to make sure your phone lists get updated with these new cadets, and please remember how important the phone calls are to keep everyone informed of upcoming activities. 
Congratulations to this recruit course, and to Chadburn’s newest cadets!
2Lt. Brosseau and CI Di Loreto – Recruit Training Staff
Thoughts from our Recruit Warrant Officer - WO2 Bauer
“I remember my recruit course back in 2007. I was nervous, intimidated and very excited. I still remember each of my recruit staff and am happy to see that four of my fellow recruits are still in the squadron today.  The recruit program is a very important and rewarding program, and I am honoured to have been part of their first cadet experience.”

Aviation Photo Of the Week

A Crash Landing

10th April 1941, Dunston in Lincolnshire England



This particular Hurricane was actually flown by Lloyd Chadburn and it crashed due to an engine failure. 

This past week we were contacted by Tony Glover a writer and author in England who is currently writing a book listing all aviation incidents occurring in Lincolnshire England 1930 – 1945 and he requested permission to include details and photographs from our web site of this particular accident. As it was with a  previous book all profits from sales will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

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