Achievement Points

Achievement Points Program



The Squadron’s Achievement Points Program is used to measure the participation of cadet in the Squadron’s activities.  Points are given for each activity that doesn’t require Fee (e.g. Dances)

 Discrepancies Procedure

    1. Talk to the NCOIC of the event and get an agreement that you were present for the event.


  1. Report the discrepancy to the Achievement Coordinator,  Please include the Cadets Name(First and Last), Rank and the name and date of the activity and the NCOIC (NCO in Charge) you believe points were not properly awarded.

****PLEASE NOTE***** The points rules have changed. Starting Sept 1 2018, Marksmanship, Drill and Band Activities will now get 2 points per event. 

Achievement Points Reports – Updated to December 9, 2018

  1. Achievement Points – Summary by Cadet – Highest to Lowest
  2. Achievement Points Charts – Dec 9 2018
  3. Achievement Points – Detail by Cadet – July to Sept 30 2018
  4. Achievement Points – Detail by Cadet – Oct 1 to 31 2018
  5. Achievement Points – Detail by Cadet – Nov 1 to Nov 30 2018
  6. Achievement Points – Detail by Cadet – Dec 1 to Dec 9 2018