Cadet Resources

Cadet Forms, Documents & Procedures

Attendance Forms/Procedure

  1. Activity Attendance Procedure – Sept 19 2022
  2. Activity-Attendance-Form-Sept-19-2022

Band Resources

  1. Band Drill
  2. Fingering Charts
  3. Canadian Forces 202 Military Bands
  4. The Air Cadet March Book Part 1
  5. The Air Cadet March Book Part 2
  6. Theory

Canadian Force Drill Manual

  •   Click Here to download the Drill Manual in PDF format.

Community Service Hours

The Squadron doesn’t track each cadet’s community service but will gladly validate any hours that you incur through cadets. Please use the form below to record your hours and see one of the officers to sign off.

Please see the web link below to the Durham District School Board for more information on the Community Service Hours program.

Conduct and Discipline Document

Need Help Document

Promotion Policy

  1. CATO 13-02 Promotion Policy
  2. CATO 13-02 Annex A
  3. CATO 13-02 Annex B