Cadet Jewellery


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  1. Jewellery. The wearing of jewellery is permitted in uniform however cadets must not:
    1. wear jewellery over uniform items;
    2. while in uniform, have ear piercings and ear gauges / spacers of more than 2.5 cm diameter or diagonal measurement (dependent on the activity whether for ceremonial or safety reasons, the number of earrings may be restricted);
    3. wear jewellery in piercings which are normally covered by uniforms if they pose a risk of injury;
    4. wear jewellery that impairs the cadets’ safety or ability to perform their duties;
    5. wear jewellery that a cadet knows, or ought reasonably to know, are connected with criminal activities (e.g., criminal gangs), that promote and / or express, on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA), the following: hatred, violence, discrimination, or harassment; or
    6. wear jewellery that a cadet knows, or ought to know, promote and / or express: racism, sexism, misogyny, misandry, xenophobia, homophobia, ableism, or sexually explicit material.
  2. Rings. There are no limits to the number of rings a cadet can wear in uniform (dependent on the activity whether for ceremonial or safety reasons, the number of rings may be restricted);
  3. Earrings. Cadets in uniform may have multiple ear piercings as well as ear gauges / spacers of no more than 2.5 cm square or diameter. (See below)
  4. Nose rings. Cadets in uniform may have a single nose piercing, as associated with a cultural, religious, or spiritual belief. Septum piercings are not permitted, (dependent on the activity whether for ceremonial or safety reasons, the number of earrings may be restricted). (See below)
  5. The only authorized piercing above the shoulders are those on the ears and nose.
Figure 2-2-4 – Personal Appearance
single ear piercingmultiple ear piercings
2.5 cm spacersingle nose piercing

Specific guidance for ceremonial occasions
(for all cadets when in C1 order of dress)

  1. Rings, a maximum of two rings which are not of costume jewellery nature. Additional rings may only be worn when they indicate professional standing, such as an engineer, or are worn with a wedding band as a single set indicating betrothal or fidelity, e.g., an engagement or an anniversary ring. Rings shall not inhibit the execution of proper arms drill or cause an unsightly bulge in white or black gloves.
  2. Necklaces and bracelets shall not be visible;
  3. Piercings. The only piercings authorized are single or single set of stud or single stone earrings (one in each ear) are permitted in the ear lobe(s). These earrings shall not exceed one centimeter square or diameter. Gauges / spacers shall not exceed 2.5 cm in diameter; and
  4. Plain tie-pins or clips or with a Canadian military/Cadet insignia are permitted.